Heroin written by Nicole Cheng at Spillwords.com



written by: Nicole Cheng



Come to me, my darling. Sleep beside me in bed; hold me into your arms, get the voices out of my head. Take me to the other side where there is no pain; take me to another world to change the colors in my brain. Don’t wake me up, allow me to sleep for eternity; allow me to live with my sorrow, don’t make me leave.

Be with me, my love. Bring your poison; please, stay toxic for me to make me seem unbroken. Inject me into my stream, send your toxins into my skin; let my mind wander away, let the painful escape begin. Start making me feel sad but make me feel warmth; keep making me hurt by holding me into your arms.

Stay with me, my darling. I feel so empty without you; I cannot live without your toxins, I need you like I always do. I want to be good again, though I’m still in love with sadness; I cannot decide which side to choose, help me end my madness. Your love will make me calm, your love will make me safe; it will get rid of unwanted sounds, it will put my mind in a better place.

Don’t leave me, my love. My flame will be frozen if you left without a trace, so don’t make my glass broken. I am sorry for going mad, I am out of control; please, don’t blame me, blame my changing black-hole. I promise you, I still love you, I still want you in my skin; don’t ever leave me again, promise me, my lovely heroin.

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