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Where The Light Hits The Water

Where the Light Hits the Water

written by: Iris Orpi



and the delicate stuff of dreams
held by billions of
little short-term tempests
that together, make up
the calm on the ocean’s surface,
brilliant curiosities where
depth reflects wonder,
the sand patterned by wind song
under my bare toes,
the horizon paper-thin
and undisturbed as
far as the eye can see.

I, on the edge of this
mystery vast enough for
contradictions to cruise in,
am archipelago,
mostly water,
soft blues and pearl whites
broken into chapters,
lonely islands of choice
and consequence.
Raging rivers and
reluctant tributaries mark
their paths across my life
like living scars.
Temporary bridges
to be worn away by
nature’s invisible hands,
to be rebuilt
just as many times.
Breathlessly beautiful sunsets.
A marching cadence.
Skies in the shifting
colors of surrender—

and you,
my belated discoverer,
call me your home and
sustain me,
my surrogate sun.


Written on the beach of Calatagan, Batangas in the Philippines.

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