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Daily Run

written by: Sue Vanderberg


I ran through my mind today
It wasn't a pleasant run
pictures seemed to have decayed
Seeing all I gave up was no fun
I reflected on my accomplishments
And there were few
How did I get in these predicaments
I contemplated as I stewed
Most were waiting to be complete
I lost a lot of time
I lost my will to compete
I stopped life on a dime
Doing something foolish
There was no good reason or rhyme
In the end it cost me more than I care to admit
Being a head over heels half-wit

Sue Vanderberg

Sue Vanderberg

Sue Vanderberg is an American writer and poet who resides in Huntsville, AL.
She is an artist and a poet with a wanderlust soul and lover of nature. She volunteers her time with the homeless and her services as a face painter for different worthy causes in the surrounding communities.
Sue is an artist at Bird in the Mountain Art.
Sue Vanderberg

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