Silken And Mauve written by Iris Orpi at

Silken And Mauve

Silken and Mauve

written by: Iris Orpi



If this is forever, give me forever, that I can
wear a sprig of blossoming song behind my
ear and we speak love to celebrate prophecies
and dancing comes naturally to us even with
the blinds pulled all the way up and anybody
who happens to look up at our window would
see us moving to a universally perceived melody,
my back arched as on the curved edge of a
Picasso lily and the room is never too dark even
when we turn off all the lights what with all the
city sparkle embracing our walls and our inner
fire embraces it back while we sip moonlight
from the sifter of Sagittarius and turn the moment
into smoothly flowing lyrics and the finest wine
this side of the metropolis.

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