Time and Us, poetry by Haroon Rashid at Spillwords.com

Time and Us

Time and Us

written by: Haroon Rashid



Time is passing by and with that, I am passing too
Have many questions to ask myself
Have many answers to give to myself too
A lot has changed over time
Along has changed my thoughts and feelings
Sometimes I searched for myself
And sometimes I searched for God
Sometimes some stranger became mine
And sometimes some dreams become fulfilled
Found the one whom I loved and then lost too
Sometimes laughed wildly yet cried aloud
In the tears of sadness sowed a seed of a new dream
Cherished it courageously with braveness
Met with some elegant moments again
Felt some unsaid, unheard unfold again
Do not know how many days and nights like this
Do not know how many such valuable and unnecessary talks
Time is passing by and with that, I am passing too.

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