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The Jury Doesn't See It That Way

written by: devereaux frazier



the clouds
shield the stars
the completion
I search for
I do breathe in the day
but I don't live
until nightfall
see the constellations
in perfect harmony
and a tiny drop
of gratitude
fall from me
onto these pages
I give my dying breaths
hoping you will see
the victory of the battle
that killed
hoping that despite
not knowing
what I've been doing
you will know
what I've done
there's so much more
I wish to say
but the jury doesn't see it
that way
love her
my last

devereaux frazier

devereaux frazier

Baltimorean poet and blogger. Published on Teen Ink, with four articles winning the Editors Choice Award, and Literary Arts Review. Article titled "Less Than Human" featured in Teen Ink's magazine. Lead Kansas Chiefs Chiefs writer for KCSportsNation. Currently writing a YA novel.
devereaux frazier

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