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A World United

A World United

written by: Sidhartha Mishra



In a world that’s vast and wide,
Where cultures mix and worlds collide,
There’s beauty in the diversity,
And strength in our unity.
From the mountains to the sea,
From the deserts to the trees,
We all share this planet Earth,
And a common human birth.
Though our languages and customs vary,
Our hearts beat with the same carry,
Love, compassion, and empathy,
Are the threads that weave our tapestry.
Let us celebrate our differences,
And cherish our commonalities,
For a world united in peace,
Is a world that will forever flourish and increase.
Let us break down the walls that divide,
And open up our hearts and minds,
For a world that’s bound together,
Is a world that’s strong forever.
So let us hold hands and join together,
And make this world a better place forever,
For a world that’s united as one,
Is a world that’s always won.

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