A Star is Born, poetry by Sidhartha Mishra at Spillwords.com
Nicole Avagliano

A Star is Born

A Star is Born

written by: Sidhartha Mishra



In the vast expanse of the sky,
Amidst the darkness of the night,
A new light begins to shine,
A star is born, oh what a sight!

A tiny speck of twinkling light,
At first it seems so small and slight,
But as it glows with growing might,
It fills the void with wondrous might.

It flickers and it dances,
As it finds its place up high,
With grace and beauty it entrances,
All who gaze up at the sky.

It glimmers like a diamond,
Amidst the endless dark,
A beacon of hope and wonder,
A star that leaves its mark.

And as it shines up in the heavens,
Guiding travelers near and far,
We know that in that tiny speck of light,
A new star is born, a shining star.

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