Foreseeing Forever by Brian Wayne Smith at

Foreseeing Forever

Foreseeing Forever

written by: Brian Wayne Smith



Tomorrow may not come for me.

I’m still foreseeing forever.

By my acts of today,

I’m ensuring my good works will continue to spread across the land.

Whether I stood alone or with a group;

Foreseeing forever is the cause.

Equality for all

Learning it, teaching it, believing it, standing up for it, and truly showing it;

These are just a few ways of securing a spot, in the future, for positive change.

When I no longer have the strength to put on my armor, lift my sword, or hold my shield for battle;

I will have the comfort of knowing that my fight.

For what is right.

Continued as it should

By foreseeing forever today,

I’m planting the seeds of fairness and freedom

Into our children of tomorrow.

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