10 Commandments of America written by Brian Wayne Smith at Spillwords.com

10 Commandments of America

10 Commandments of America

written by: Brian Wayne Smith



1.        You shall have no other gods before me; the almighty dollar.
2.        You shall not make idols; unless they are of the American kind.
3.        You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain; unless you’re angry and it slips from your lips.                      Then it’s all forgiven and the “New Testament” is applied.
4.        Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy; until you have a deadline that is more important than your                     God and your family.
5.        Honor your father and your mother; until the divorce happens.
6.        You shall not murder; unless you’re a solider going to war in the name of America.
7.        You shall not commit adultery; unless you’re a “Christian” on Ashley Madison. Just ask Jesus for                                      forgiveness and move on.
8.        You shall not steal; unless you’re a corporate executive and can hide the cyber and paper trails.
9.        You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor; unless you’re trying to cover up your own crimes.
10.      You shall not covet; unless you’re trying to keep up with the neighbors.

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