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written by: NikNik


Welcome! Welcome! What’s your poison!?
Think real careful before you’ve chosen!
There’s more than what you’re looking for!
Once you’ve stepped on through the door!

Liquids, powders, music, lust!
Such beautiful people you can never trust!
Sip from your cup and contemplate
Just take your time before you seal your fate!
Captions scroll through little windows
Soft smells of lilac float in billows!
Lazy days play in your head
Followed by wicked streaks of red!

Welcome! Welcome! Glad you came!
You’re just in time for the parade of fame!
Celebrities of all talents are here!
What’s your poison?! Wine or beer?
Crawl into the heat of passion,
Wear the cloth with such sensual fashion!
Did I mention you’ll have a blast
Then when it’s over, you’ll have a task
For nothing’s free, there’s a price to pay
So step right in, without delay!
Music plays, dancers dance their steps!
Don’t you just love its subtle depths?
Go ahead satisfy your curiosity
Before you surrender your virtuosity!
It’s so simple, this whole charade
For when the end is near, it all surely fades!

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