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When Does Love Ever Rhyme

written by: Parveen


My nights made of pinks and mauves
Your dreams of greens and blue
I scribble sonnets on your palms
On my fingertips you emblazon Haiku
Fingers dipped in bucket of rainbow,
I paint abstracts on your forehead
Which with Rays of Sun my noons then outline
The tones are deep red and the notes scintillating high
Resting in your arms I then rustle up some more poems
Removing the latch from my heart,
I let words lose to walk all over you
Unmetered and unbridled my desires scrawl on your back random lines
Patternless and callous they run a riot all through
I don't stop them, Nor do I try to reason with the passion gone amok
When does fantasy make sense
When does love ever rhyme!


© Parveen



Parveen Sethi is a Bilingual writer residing in Ludhiana Punjab with her husband and two college going children. Written word is a passion and a way to let heart flow. Been published in many online journals and many books Nationally and internationally including 'Contemporary women writers of India', '52 loves', 'Colours of refuge', 'Resonating Strings' etc. Music and cooking are other Passions besides reading and writing.

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