When Does Love Ever Rhyme, written by Parveen at Spillwords.com

When Does Love Ever Rhyme

When Does Love Ever Rhyme

written by: Parveen


My nights made of pinks and mauves
Your dreams of greens and blue
I scribble sonnets on your palms
On my fingertips you emblazon Haiku
Fingers dipped in bucket of rainbow,
I paint abstracts on your forehead
Which with Rays of Sun my noons then outline
The tones are deep red and the notes scintillating high
Resting in your arms I then rustle up some more poems
Removing the latch from my heart,
I let words lose to walk all over you
Unmetered and unbridled my desires scrawl on your back random lines
Patternless and callous they run a riot all through
I don’t stop them, Nor do I try to reason with the passion gone amok
When does fantasy make sense
When does love ever rhyme!


© Parveen

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