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The Void

The Void

written by: Parveen


There has to be something more
This can’t be it
Something to fill this void
amidst a full brimming life
A piece that would fit perfectly
make the puzzle whole
A building block which seems missing
The soul gnaws at forlorn days in anguish
The overflowing wardrobe stares in mockery
Promise of not to buy more go down the drain quickly
The brimming pots in the kitchen keep me content in the warmth of my house
Oblivious of half fed children with tattered clothes across the world
Still I horde more in greed be it Clothes, food or jewellery
A spree of shopping leads to other
A full meal to planning of next
A free weekend spells boredom
So from party to another I hop pointlessly
Bright smiles adorn the mantle pieces of my house hold
An assurance of a warm shoulder to snuggle to at night
Every relation satiating
Hundreds of verses I scribbled and people applauded as poems
Every thing one can ask for in life
Every Nuance taken care of

Still the heart aches
My days whine
The listlessness doesn’t subside
A faint resentment echoes through the days
I grope in thin air to hold on to something substantial
My empty hands glare at me
I shriek out to no one in particular
There has to be something more
This can’t be it
I don’t know the questions
I seek the answers
Do you have any?

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