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Gulls of Brimstone

written by: Mileva Anastasiadou



Hiding under the blankets,
or even behind the door,
as they come for you on
Yet another corner,
of this vanishing world,
trembling in fear,
under the Brimstone Sun,
where the gulls fly high,
reminding you of the wings,
you once wish you had,
but never did you grow,
as wings grow,
out of pain and despair,
out of laughter,
defying fear,
yet you only taste fear,
as you go hiding,
under the blankets,
or even behind the door,
of your rusted soul,
imprisoning the wings,
you once wish you had,
you stand alone,
under the Brimstone Sun,
awaiting a savior,
who may never come,
until another trembling soul,
shares the joke and laughs,
laughter diminishes pain,
fear shared is fear lessened,
under the Brimstone Sun,
you both become,
those gulls flying high,
fighting the dirt,
cleaning the air,
laughter is your gun,
that kills those who come,
who now have to face,
the flying Gulls of Brimstone.

Mileva Anastasiadou

Mileva Anastasiadou

Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist, living and working in Athens, Greece. Her work can be found in many journals and anthologies, such as the Molotov Cocktail, Maudlin house, Menacing Hedge, Jellyfish Review, Asymmetry Fiction and others. She has published two books in Greek and a collection of short stories in English (Once Upon a Dystopia by Cosmic Teapot Publication). She's the managing editor of Storyland Literary Review.
Mileva Anastasiadou

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