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Aurora splashes ...

written by: Orlando Blake


Dipping into the blue
Brush smeared with the white,
Splashing across the plain
Sprinkling at will
Shades formed a stroke of lights,
Vintage colours have disappeared
Fresh stroke of smeared colours
Strikes in the canvas
Touching the Borealis
Curving the Australis,
Midas touch has the almighty
Showered at the poles,
Loving the brilliance of colours
Forgetting the self in me
The streak of colours mesmerises
Exploring the heaven on earth,
Seeing the canvas with god's signature
Heart soothes with calmness ...

Orlando Blake

Orlando Blake

Orlando Blake is known in the poetic world with his pen name. He is a post graduate in science and the first recipient of Dr. Mitra Augustine gold medal award during his academics. He is a multifaceted individual having been worked in financial and banking domains. As a soft skills trainer and as a content account Manager, he sharpened his skills. Content writing came naturally to him as he was interested in English literature, semantics and etymology. He is also interested in psychology, counselling, spirituality, travelling, music and video editing. His areas of interest ventures in history, geography, archaeology, oceanography, architecture and interior designing. He is writing his first fiction, poetry has been his first love. Serendipity waved his entry into poetic world. He started writing on nature but shifted his focus on emotional relationships. Writing the poems based on the images is his strength. He loves to be a counselor and a life coach.
Orlando Blake

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