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Broken Love Song

Broken Love Song

written by: Parveen


My days crafted of your whims
Hang loosely on the ropes of carelessness
The sun shines through the cracks 
I try to fill the crevices with brushes
feigned in indifference 
Trying to let go of all that hurt me
in your voice, in your demeanor 
as you stood fidgeting at the door 
I had waited too long for you to come
You came riding on your self saddled frenzy
Too much on mind
Too full of yourself to notice
where all it had hurt while you were away 
I looked in anticipation for one kind word
There was none 
You left in hurry
Abandoning all that could be
Not a glance back
I hung another day on the mantle of my wasted love 
among the others you had left behind now and then
Broken and battered they are now all mine to keep
The days the winds of remorse are strong,
In anguish they chime together
to make a broken love song


© Parveen

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