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Fright Club

Fright Club

written by: Mileva Anastasiadou



Three ghosts will pay you a visit on Christmas Eve. The ghosts will take you back to your past, they’ll show you your present, they’ll travel with you into your most probable future and they’ll come to scare you and help you improve yourself, because the Fright Club is a game, but it is also a lesson, intended to make the world a better place in the long run. Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet succeeded.

The Ghost of Last Christmas, widely known as the Ghost of Christmas Past has always been George Michael, even before George Michael died, even before he was born.
The Ghost of Christmas Present, is a random well-known politician/billionaire of your time, which is considered scary enough, since cosmic statistics so far show that the rich and the politicians are scarier than ghosts.
There is a reason why you never see the face of the Ghost of you, widely known as the Ghost of Christmas yet to come. Studies say people cannot handle hard truths delivered to them by themselves and that they cannot face themselves as future ghosts.

Duh, it’s Wham’s Last Christmas on repeat. That’s why people are divided in two, those who hate it are those who never appreciated, or haven’t yet experienced, their ghostly lesson, while the few who love it are those who enjoyed the ghostly ride and turned into an improved version of themselves.

First rule of the Fright Club is that you will join and play eventually, once as a host, and once as a ghost.
Second rule of the Fright Club is you don’t remember the Fright Club and you may have met the three Ghosts of Christmas already but you only remember the lesson, not the faces. People tend to forget the lesson too lately, which is why new rules are under consideration and will be announced in due time.
Last rule of the Fright Club is you don’t speak of the Fright Club. You don’t write about it, unless your name is Charles, your last name Dickens. You won’t read about it either, unless you’re doomed to play your ghostly part soon.

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