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Springs Thaw

Springs Thaw

written by: J. Iner Souster



It begins in March,
seeds of thought she planted in autumn
before winter’s isolation renewed,
relentlessly having its way with her.
Restless feelings start to grow from someplace inside.
The roots that have taken hold of her mind have now spread.
Vines of desire discover a route down
toward the direction of her stomach
Germinating, the fertile areas, both above and below,
impatiently waiting for it to bloom.
She hungers for something new.
Shedding off the fears of change,
as easy as undressing for a strange lover
she will never lay eyes on again.
Her feelings are like articles of clothing.
Old sweaters and woollen socks
packed away for the season.
‘in case of emergency!’
Rarely did she return to unpack.
It is easier to find new containers
for another season’s wardrobe,
another winter of mindless desolation,
another place to call home.
In spring,
certain base feelings begin to grow and take hold,
a yearning for the warm touch of lips
like petals returned in kind.
Frozen winter dams are finite.
Only able to hold back so much
as springs thaw trickles down
into icy blue pools of desire.
It’s only in thoughts alone,
the heat
now rising from below.
Her eyes spoke of intent
as old familiar words
came forth from her lips.

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