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Father's Day



Once a year,
We have a special day
That is Dedicated to Dads,
A day when all Dads,
Are remembered,
Dads that mean everything to us,
And Dads that meant everything to us,
Dads whose children know,
They will always be loved by them,
And Dads that children knew,
They were always loved by them,
Dads that create many smiles,
And Dads that created many smiles,
Dads that children see every day,
And then spare a thought,
For all those with Dads,
That have now sadly passed away,
Dads will always be loved and cherished,
That’s why we have Father’s Day,
So that all Dads,
Are remembered,
For the memories they make,
And the memories,
They left us with….

John Baverstock

John Baverstock

My poetry is normally easy to read, hopefully you will enjoy, I write poems on many different subjects, hopefully something for everyone...
love to all
JB x
John Baverstock

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