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Third Eye

Third Eye

written by: NikNik


You wanna open the third eye?
Do you even know why?
Let me put you up on game
You’ll never be the same
You’ll have no one to blame
Won’t know from whence you came
You’ll start to talk so lame
As we all shake our heads in shame!

So you want to be enlightened?
It’s like a scary movie that frightens!
All these truths of wisdom pure
Complicating what you thought was sure!
For it’s a plot upon your soul
Demonic figures start to take control
And boy do they hate to let go!
Once it’s too late to tell them “no!”

Seeking, searching, beyond your guise
It’s not a Godly thing otherwise!
Yoga, tattoos, all the strange taboos
Draining your spirit yet you don’t have a clue
Learning more ignorance to add to it all
While the devil sits laughing as you plunder and fall!
Vocalize all your plans to save all your friends
They follow you blindly creating their ends!
It’s a game don’t you see, called “heaven or hell?”
Go to church, swim the seas, only God can foretell!

Third eye, third eye, show them the way!
Meditate, do your yoga, keeping God at bay!
Live and learn at your own risk
But don’t say I didn’t warn you of this!
Kundalini awaits your ignorant Bliss!
As she lightly entraps you with the devil’s hot kiss!
Should you make it by Grace when you do what you do
Best to take it to God up above when your through!
Better yet! Why not now?
Why, I’ll show you how!
Take a walk down that aisle
Meet me there with a smile!
Third eye can wait awhile!…

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