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I Gave Love Another Chance

I Gave Love Another Chance

written by: Parveen


I gave love another chance
I took it back in when it arrived
Days after I had let it go
I ran into love again on the road
Roaming like a vagabond
Stained face, unkempt hair
Dirty shoes and knees soiled
Looked like it had not slept nights
Holding a cigarette between its lips
Pride still glistened in its eyes

I tried to avoid it
It followed me down the road pleading all the while
Then it smiled its sweetest smile
melting my heart all over again
I decided to give it another try
I brought love back home
Washed and scrubbed to rid it off the grime
Polished it with all my might
Placed it next to me on my bedside
With my breath bated to hear how it loved me too

Instead it had other tales to tell
It talked about the places it had been
Of its conquests new and old
About the hearts it conquered and broke
Of the places it had made temporary homes
That there were warm beds waiting for it at places I did not wish to know
And of the places it still needed to explore
Of how it had come back to me in spite
I listened to the incessant chatter
The knot in my heart getting ever tight

Turning around I looked at it in the eye
Love was everything love was not meant to be
I needed love no more I realised
It had taken away from me
every time it went on its philandering spree
Every night I had waited for it to come home to me
I had plucked away a star from the sky

The wait had been long
Love no longer sang the same song
I picked up love and let it back on the road Wishing it luck that was bright
Shutting the door on its face
I slept snug wrapping around me the bare sky

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