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In Quiet Reflection

In quiet reflection

written by: Jackson Thomas



I sit upon my quiet bench
Lazy day falling deeper
While footfalls echo emptiness
As vacant as the voices

Some tiptoe past, coyly
Giggles hidden by hands
Eyes of polite passing
Slowly finding and forgetting

Melodies sailing along
Weaving dust with dreams
Pretense and passion mixed
Floating like the dandelion fluff

The angry child wanting
Screaming, stomping, learning
Crocodile tears of truth
Plucking at your patience

Memories finding scent
Nearby tangled tastes
Swirling savory through us
Seeking wanted flavors found

The old man left leaning
With empty hand reaching
For memories misplaced
Lost between now and never

Desires moan proceeding
Young lovers offered lust
Pressed palm to playful palm
Seasoned salty by restraint

Nearby suits left deeming
Their savageness suppressed
Into the power of their pinstripes
Searching for agency over others

A distant need searching
That aching itching pain
Fading primal slaves
A new movement of mind

Emotion flowing out
And past perception
Uncoupled from self
Finally, unfelt unfettered

All floating free
Passing into silence
A moments controlled quiet
Before that tidal waves return


When I first started meditating, this was my way of quieting my mind. Each new though was embodied in each of the passers-by. Seen but not engaged with.

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