Finding My Boon written by L.S. Deen at

Finding My Boon

Finding My Boon

written by: L.S. Deen



I was hoping the summer wouldn’t leave me so soon,

As I hardly even bloomed,

I blinked, and completely missed June,

Holding onto the distant memory of those sand dunes,

And Licking that ice cream from my spoon,

My mind it can still hear that summer tune,

Please wait, I still haven’t found my boon,

Am I being a loon,

As I still want to swoon,

Under the light of that, summer midnight moon?


A poem about the hopes that summers brings with it; often it leaves without fulfilling its promises, while leaving us with its romantic memories. A metaphor for ageing I guess.

L.S. Deen

L.S. Deen

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L.S. Deen

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