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White Rainbow

White Rainbow

written by: Jecht Fair



Writhing within the grasp of eternity,
Was a creature bathed in serenity,
Who can warm the heavens with a single touch,
Wander free without life’s crutch.

Kissed the starlight,
Caressed the dust,
He laid down to sleep in trust,
Yet succumbed to dreams beyond his touch.

A pale land was the destination he sought,
A realm beyond the colors of time,
A quiet place which held no rhyme,
A broken place inside the mind.

Before he woke a phrase he spoke,
“There, a white rainbow lies”
“Beyond the vale of life and time”
“Inside the mind when nothingness knocks or chimes”.

His eyes as he rose from slumber,
Saw a land of golden wonder,
A place he had loved long ago,
And from his dream was reborn and shown.

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