Flying Again, a poem by Anggun Alfarisi at

Flying Again

Flying Again

written by: Anggun Alfarisi


Is not asking you
to connect tears
Is not forcing you
to let your wings down
Is not pushing you
to drop your dreams

Is not a ticket
to ride headache
Is not a bike
to end your life
Is not a train
to commit suicide

Feeling down?
Say NO!

Push yourself, stay positive
Cope with your mind, dare to dream
It’s not just about you
It’s about everyone in your life
In this universe
Your parents, partners, children

So wipe your tears
Go out there
Dare to dream again!
Fly! Flying high!
Show the world
Your true colors!

Shout out loud
“I’m unstoppable!”
“I’m the best in the world!!!”

Anggun Alfarisi

Anggun Alfarisi

Born in 1986 in Perlis, Malaysia. Real name is Siti Nur Azura Binti Jamil. Graduate in Food Technology. A writer, poet, traveller, director, mother, human activist and eco-activist. Loves boxing, silat and archery. Looking forward to be a horseback archer. Poems currently published in magazines and anthologies by Malaysian Publishers. Short story published in Aksara Inspirasi 2, an anthology by Academic International Dialogue (AID) Conference.
Anggun Alfarisi

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