Chains, a poem by Brandi Livingston at
Engin Akyurt



written by: Brandi Livingston


A woman in chains.
All of her dreams gone.
Never to find freedom.
Starring at the man who hurt her.
Leaving her to bleed.
Endless tears, she cries.
No one will know this pain.
Woman in chains.

Each day it is the same.
Never to find hope.
Only despair once again.
Begging to free herself.
Her words to befallen on deaf ear.
Laughter ringing her head.
Constant tears fall, staining her face.
Haunting her dreams, and hours of sleep.
Woman in chains.

She tries to run away.
Only to be put back in her cage.
Now with more chains upon her.
No key in sight.
Pleading for Death to take her.
A woman in chains.

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