DYING, poetry written by Brandi Livingston at Spillwords.com
Noah Silliman



written by: Brandi Livingston


I have wiped away your tears.
When you screamed, I was there for you.
When you consumed with doubts, I wipe them away.
In your hour of need, I was there.
Staying up and neglecting me.
I held your hand all of these years.
I am so tired of being here for you.

I am drowning in my fears.
My heart cries out.
My soul is crushed
Forever damaged from the likes of you.
Alone I am, but you had me.
You never saw me.
Only you.

I wish you leave.
This pain is too much.
It has become too real.
Everyday battles rage on.
I have been alone so long.

You have chased away my sanity.
These wounds will not heal.
Time cannot ease this pain.
I am dying because of you.

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