Don't Listen, a poem written by Jillani Birech at

Don’t Listen

Don’t Listen

written by: Jillani Birech



Listen not to what is said of you
Let them connive
Let them construe;
Nothing they know
Their morals few
Nor let them underestimate;
Wrapped in joy when they do
They are no better
No different
No purer than you;
Stand up
And thank them
Even when they jibe
Ridicule makes them
A solitary tribe
Sculpted in statue
Priceless in value;
They will
Tear at you
Cause admirers
To argue;
Let our uprightness
Then be your rescue
Stand firm
In your patience;
They will kneel in obeisance;
Their falsehood will shatter
And then
Only truth Only
YOUR truth
Will matter.

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