Bare Bones, poetry written by Donna Dallas at
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Bare Bones

Bare Bones

written by: Donna Dallas



From doom to sunrise
sheets in disarray
brain so mushy

I feel sorry for every poor soul
and so many strays later
find misery
truly is an addiction

To wake up
feel my stomach
hit the floor with dark angst
that’s the crack
the need that rides me

bare bones
slush and powerless
invite the demon in for coffee
we have a chat
demon says you’re a fucking mess, I love it
I say “you had me at hello”
I meant it
Demon exits with a fart
and a fuck you

Finished the coffee
although it turned awfully cold
it felt real to swallow
remembered I still exist
felt this cunning desire to
resurrect the cleaned up version
of myself
and abandon any decrepit
suckling’s lingering
near my tit

Demon saunters up
my neighbor’s driveway
I think “next victim”
and quite a show this will be
as I walk out the front door
with a fresh cup of brew
to watch
with satisfaction

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