Heart's A Half Dead Beat, poetry by Donna Dallas at Spillwords.com

Heart’s A Half Dead Beat

Heart’s A Half Dead Beat

written by: Donna Dallas



6:50am my heart’s a half dead beat
he’s snoring
boogers a century old heave in and out
I creep out of bed a wandering mole
like where am I going??
I’ve abandoned myself to kids to teenagers
to wanna-be adults a long time ago
drop my teenager off at work I feel like a monotonous wretch
there’s a boy mowing the lawn out front
(I would have pined over this one in my day)
I ask my daughter who’s this? he’s cute
she sneers and replies he’s gross all men are
hmmm way smarter than I was at her age……

My muffin top holds the batter
of the universe
yet I cannot locate the source
as I vape home
stare in the rear view mirror at myself
what am I doing?
or what was I doing?
there’s a vicious disease
called malaise
I’m infected with

I try to tear my frame
out from its rut
I wanna be
a wanna be – I am
because I dripped to empty four
decades ago

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