Curious Wretch, poetry written by Donna Dallas at
Taylor Rooney

Curious Wretch

Curious Wretch

written by: Donna Dallas



I want to know what they’re thinking
what do they feel like having for dinner
what murders did they commit
old lovers hang on them like the smell of
and if I could smoke one now…….Lordy
did we think we’d end up
rickety bones
muscles swell like birth in the rainy season
still I gimp out
for some Tanqueray
why can’t I grip
this loosening bolt
my core bops around
and around
I want to run
twirl and twirl
around them
back into a little girl
so I can swerve left of all the grisliness – those sick days
that I lament over……and over
I should carry a torch
to show them I’m here
I’ve arrived!!!
(at Pablo’s liquor store)
and the others
that trailed behind
are good and dead

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