I Didn’t See You There, poem by Jan Sargeant at Spillwords.com

I Didn’t See You There

I didn’t see you there

written by: Jan Sargeant


Hello, old friend,
I didn’t see you there
grey faced uncertain edges
at the corners of a mind
rounded by blurred optimism,
vague shapes indistinct
from what might be true
and what might not
will we know the difference,
would we care?

Hello old friend,
do you share
the invisibility of indecision,
do you fear the lie
hear it cry and then wonder why
it’s plucking at your temples
like a pizzicato string

Will you walk with me through shadows,
or take my hand and lead,
will you guide me to safety
or stand and watch me bleed

I didn’t see you this time
I didn’t see you coming
but I see through your disguise
I see the way you look at me,
and hate the pity in your eyes
grey faced blurs in discriminate skies
the pallid pastels of meaningless whys

Don’t hide in the shadows
of the past or the now,
don’t cloak yourself in darkness
of a future that might never be
don’t huddle in the corners,
stand up and let me see

Hello, old friend,
I didn’t see you there….

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