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written by: Ann Christine Tabaka



I lay myself down
on an altar of bones
a sacrificial offering
to the gods of greed

From the chandelier above
wax covered skulls stare down
at me through vulture eyes
as candle flames dance
in the faint draft

Crimson stained tablets
stacked nearby with
disassembled skeletal
remains neatly arranged
among tools of torture

A death knell rings out
as the black robed presider’s
chant resonates throughout

What ghoulish nightmare
have I encountered?

There is no salvation
as I join the ossified ruins
of past lives and become one
with the altar of bones

Ann Christine Tabaka

Ann Christine Tabaka

SEPTEMBER 2018 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Ann Christine Tabaka was nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry. Winner of Spillwords Press 2020 Publication of the Year (Poetic), has been internationally published, and won poetry awards from numerous publications. She is the author of 9 poetry books. She has micro-fiction in several anthologies, and published flash fiction. Christine lives in Delaware, USA. She loves gardening and cooking. Chris lives with her husband and three cats. Her most recent credits are: CommuterLit; Spillwords; The Black Hair Press (Unravel Anthology, Apocalypse Anthology, Hate Anthology); Fantasia Divinity Publishing (Winds of Despair Anthology, Waters of Destruction Anthology, Earth of Oblivion Anthology); The Siren’s Call (drabbles); Potato Soup Journal: 10-word stories.
Ann Christine Tabaka

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