Circle Songs, a poem by Ann Christine Tabaka at
Emmanuel Maceda

Circle Songs

Circle Songs

written by: Ann Christine Tabaka



such as these … circle in our mind.
Who are we to question the origin of their design?

Walking across meadows of velvet moss and grass,
we become who we are meant to be at last.

Never was there a moment, that did not ask for more.
Rhymes that do not rhyme stand knocking at our door.

We become playthings of some hidden past,
once the final dark curse has been cast.

The words are forgotten to the circle song.
So, we can only continue to hum along.

Gone are the days that used to sing so sweet.
The meadow becomes mud and sinks beneath our feet.

Goodbye to the mountains, goodbye to the sky.
All that is left, is the question why!

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