A Pictured Perfect Piece, a poem by Cindy Georgakas at Spillwords.com

A Pictured Perfect Piece

A Pictured Perfect Piece

written by: Cindy Georgakas


Puzzle pieces
like mosaic art.
Some fit,
some don’t.

A game of chess,
Your eyes engage,
staring at the edges,


connecting in quandary
what others
might have missed.
But not you!

Eyes forlorn,
as tears of joy
taint the color
on the board.

on the inside,
on the outside,
each closely knit,
but still a misfit.

When slowly,
the colors of abandonment,
create feelings of adornment.
One by one,
the image
comes into vision,
taking shape
like the painted sky,
reflecting each prism
of illusion.

We click and capture
to symbolize
a perfect union,
if only in
a pictured puzzle,

where pieces fit
are pulled apart;
tucked neatly
back in a box….
the next time.

Cindy Georgakas

Cindy Georgakas

Cindy Georgakas is a writer of words in poetry, prose and reflections of her heart. She was born in San Francisco, Californa and lives nestled in the trees in a small community about 40 minutes south of San Francisco with her husband and 3 children. She is a life health coach and massage and Craniosacral therapist who draws inspiration from her daily interactions with clients, friends, her 4 children and nature. She was Co-Author in Utmost Feelings By Astha Srivastava published in 2021 and has been published in MasticadoresUsa. She is currently working on a book of daily recipes for life.
Cindy Georgakas

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