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Going Fishing

Going Fishing

written by: Ann Christine Tabaka



I went fishing for the big ones, but I never
got a bite. I cast my net far & wide, I
waded deeper still. All the while ignoring
schools of minnows nibbling at my toes.
I was blinded by dreams of glory. Hoping
for that trophy, to mount upon my mantle
wall. Why couldn’t I be content with the
smaller fry? What egged me on so desperately,
beyond my own ability? It is the same old
story, a battle to be won. I cannot be happy
until I hook the prize. A silver trout so
perfect, breath is taken from my lungs.
Reaching out to grasp the final line of joy.
I open my trusty creel, to find another
empty failure. I start to realize that small fry
aren’t so bad after all. Minnows may not
sound as tasty, but they are darn sure better
than starving. Time to cast away.



This poem applies to all aspects of my life where I have tried to reach beyond my means and finally learned to accept my limitations.

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