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The Mysterious Gardener

The Mysterious Gardener

written by: TM Arko


At the dawn of desolation
The darkest of time
There was a mysterious gardener
He plowed the soil of souls
He planted seeds of redemption
Within the tombs of stone and death
He worked the cold rough ground
Tearing at the killing weeds
In the garden of gloom
His blood and tears
Watered the whole earth
With forgiveness
His suffering made
The dead vines bloom
He cast the seeds of love
Into the ground where they would die
Then in the glorious light of morning
They would rise up
Towards the crimson sky
Every seed dies
Every seed is reborn
Songs of life spring forth
After the sounds of dirge and scorn
Beneath the glow of angels
A dark tomb of rock lays bare
A weeping woman named Mary
Wonders at the body
That is not there
Crying in the cool crisp morning
She pulls a veil
To cover her head
The mysterious gardener stands and greets her
Why do you seek the living
Among the dead



Inspired by the gospel of John chapter 20 verse 15.

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