The Lorelei written by Cindy Medina at

The Lorelei

The Lorelei

written by: Cindy Medina



I beheld the Lorelei when the Moon hung quarter-full
Her beauty and siren song lured my mind into a lull

Atop a wind-worn peak sat the lovely nymph on high
Her silvery notes rivaled by star beams in the nigh

Came the Moon half-lit; spellbound I again drew near
Midst flashing fish and night breeze Her siren song to hear

Fellows aghast at my venture warned me stay away
For all others drawn to Lorelei a sad fate therein lay

When shone Luna full and bright, then up to Her I climbed
Tresses green, eyes black jade, nippled bosom sublime!

Moist lips tinted coral parted in sad mysterious song
All sense gone and passion blazing, my desire strong!

Luna is old and waning, this asylum medicine tastes bad
They won’t believe She loved me, only that I’m quite mad.

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