Jump Off The Train, poetry by Russell Colclough at Spillwords.com

Jump Off The Train

Jump Off The Train

written by: Russell Colclough


Dust bowl 1930s USA

Jump off the train
Well, reckon don’t know where to start.
I suppose all you can do is preach from the heart.
We grind along in this damned old life,
Up at six and home at night.
A fella got to earn a crust, working in, the shit and dust.
It used to be swell, used to be fine,
Then the dust bowl came, guess it was, the end of our time.
We ride the trains and look for work. We make our way, Just to get by on a dollar a day.
We go without food most of the time, brother can you spare a dime.
I look up sometimes and think, Lord where have you gone, throw down some rain, so we can go on.
We go to the church, the preacher tells us of our sinful ways, we sure need some better days.
I sure hope our prayers are not in vain.
We might even get some rain.
One day I’ll jump off, that damned old train.

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