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Action and Reaction

Action and Reaction

written by: Hemu Aggarwal



Surrounded by misty clouds, she rose slowly like a twirling wraith
Vapes rushed into her brain diminishing, shattering all her faith
How, why, from where did she gather this amazing sense
Shakti coming from heaven and earth bringing ethereal suspense

Seeing your own double betokens a big trouble
Perhaps phenomena, maybe miracle the possibility is probable
Gliding on wild waves, mammoth in evolutionary saltation underneath
Join the journey beyond the horizon, the heaven above and the earth beneath

A thousand thoughts clutter her mind, dealing with what is wise, what is malarkey
Forceful winds pull her in different directions, the destiny will depend on her action
Fear is the worst enemy, wavering is no better, it’s crucial to make a wise selection
Now or never, whatever, whichever, whenever her thoughts will reflect in her reaction

Moments come, moments go, no need to dwell in grief or jump up in joy
Look through a bird’s-eye view, what a million souls are going through
The world is what she makes it to be, shape it, love it, leave it, or destroy
It’s for her consideration because an unwise action may prompt a chain reaction

Not to be blinded by rays of optimism while exiting a long dark tunnel
She must open her mind, widen her eyes, observe and absorb all the rubble
Piercing pandemonium is inevitable and may require an appalling action
The day of deliverance is not too far she must learn to inure any reaction

Hemu Aggarwal

Hemu Aggarwal

Hemu Aggarwal is a professional artist and a poet. The images shown above her poems are her acrylic painting or digital artwork. She has over 45 years of experience in the graphic design industry. HEMU's Paintings have a distinctive style, vibrant colors, energetic flow of motion, and unique textures. The paintings with diverse subjects are captivating and graceful. Her focus is to create an artwork that has visual beauty, harmony in colors, and intriguing composition. She enjoys writing poems in her free time. She has written nearly 300 poems and prose in Hindi. Recently she has started to write in English. She has received many awards in a domestic and international Art competition. She was born in India, lives in the U.S. for over 50 years. She currently lives in California.
Hemu Aggarwal

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