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Home Is A Gypsy

Home is a Gypsy

written by: TJ Brooks



Home is a gypsy
She captures your heart with her smile
Her skirt twirls to dances of love and belonging
Drunk on euphoria you lose yourself to her when she whispers your name
But her floral crown will surely die
And when it does she will move her caravan to greener pastures
Where she will frolic in foreign soil
For that is her nature and part of what you fell in love with
Your dance has ended
And with a heavy heart you’ll realise
You never left
But you will never be home again



To fall in love with a free spirit is a beautiful feeling. But be prepared to let her go when that spirit urges her to move on. It’s her nature. The world is her home. Be thankful for your dance in her sunshine and remember her fondly.

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