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She Makes Me Tremble

She Makes Me Tremble

written by: TJ Brooks


I watch her from a distance. She is mesmerizing. A delicate flower whose scent wafts to me in the light breeze, beckoning me closer. I find comfort in the fact that she doesn’t know I am there. My mind drifts, creating phantom memories that are all but wishful thinking, playing tricks on me as I try to hold on to them despite knowing they are not real. Yet that same comfort denies me the opportunity to get closer to her. To tell her. Dare the words ever cross my pensive lips. The mere thought makes me tremble. She makes me tremble.

She glances in my direction. My eyes dart away in an attempt to hide my secret. But I feel the blood rush from my head…revealing a ghost white face. I am discovered. Frozen in place, a wave of panic ripples through my body. Every cell tingles..igniting an electrical current that races across my nervous system. The tension rising up in an almighty scream that is deafening inside my head.

I open my eyes and find her looking at me. White flushes red. I open my mouth but words escape me. I stand there..gaping at her..watching her..watching me. She smiles, and I melt. I hold her gaze until she flicks her hair and passes by me. The moment is over. But this memory is real. I tremble again.




Have you ever wanted to talk to someone so badly but were too afraid?

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