This is supposed to be a poem written by J. Ahlberg at

This Is Supposed To Be A Poem

This is supposed to be a poem

written by: J.Ahlberg



All I can be sure of is what I am doing.

What I should be doing is of consequence

Only to the various organisations

Who claim recompense

And dividends

In a subjective sense

From my resources.

According to corporation of canine

Owners should be walking in a straight line

On the terms of kids company plc

The office of house ought to be tlc

Friends and family group conglomerate

Expect mergers and masses for a doctorate

Whereas employers multinational

Want results and projections sensational

And the syndicate that manages the sanity of self

Is indebted to a fragile form of mental health.

So what, if anything are you supposed to be doing?

The doing does what the wanter asks

And the doer never knows who owns the task.


This is a very dense poem. It questions the ownership of the “ought” that drives us in our responsibilities and obligations to one another. It asks the reader who the ought truly belongs to.

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