Hero, a poem written by Manini Priyan at Spillwords.com



written by: Manini Priyan



Misinformation and lies spread around us
Villains keep controlling us
We descend into fear and hate
The wheel keeps turning
With no end in sight

Stories are told of heroes who spread light
And how they vanquished the darkness
We focus on their victory in the end
Instead of focusing on how they got there
They struggled and suffered
Just like you and me
The only difference
They were never broken

They say diamonds are made in high pressure
And gold is made in extreme heat
So when we go through crisis and distress
Lets remember that is how heroes are born

Because we keep waiting for these heroes to show up and rescue us.
How about we stop waiting
And we look in the mirror to find the hero

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  • Hero - October 3, 2020