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written by: Andrew Ndambuki



You were here just yesterday,
I remember you wished to stay
one more day.

You left immediately we said the grace
and quickly ran to the taxi base
hoping to return and see mama’s face
with flowers to fill her vase.

You should have stayed one more day
I remember, I did beg you to stay
but you only asked me the grace to pray.

Today, they took you away.
Father’s heart is broken again,
Mama cannot even begin to say,
she cannot wish for any more pain.

Thirteen bullets for your burial date.
How can man be filled with such hate?
and call it life’s hand of fate.



In memory of my brother Peter Mbathi, who was killed by the Kenyan Police on May 29th 2009 under unclear circumstances. He had been shot by the police 13 times at point blank range. The case has never been investigated to date.

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