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Yours Sincerely

written by: J.Ahlberg



I am a damsel in distress
He knows me, preys on me, saves me

I am woman psychotic
He drugs me, restrains me, mesmerises me

I am a hard nut to crack
He squeezes me, taps me, pressures me

I am full of bounty
He pirates me, squanders me, digs for me

I am drowning slowly
He swallows me, washes me, renews me

I am a trophy
He will win me, eventually, gloriously.



NOVEMBER 2018 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Jo is an academic researcher in the philosophy of Imagination. She has several jobs which include: university lecturer in philosophy, GCSE English teacher and a "jobbing" writer - writing commissions from multimillion pound international bids to annoying cliched flyers. In her spare time, she is walked by the dog, organised by the kids and validated by her husband.

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