Gambling My Words by Ann Christine Tabaka at

Gambling My Words

Gambling My Words

written by: Ann Christine Tabaka



I sold my book,
then I sold my heart,
and now I barter my soul
for a bag of marbles.

Jaspers, Aggies, Tigers …
All like precious gems.
I draw my circle on the ground.
In it, the pentagram of my fate.

The lights are dim,
The room is hot.
Surely the dementor is here
to collect his prize.

Shouts and yells, and whistles
drown out all intelligible thought.
A fever pitch rising,
the stakes are high.

Sweat pouring from my brow,
I shoot my taw.
I choke on my own breath.
A moan emits from somewhere deep.
Tonight will not be mine.

He looms over the room
with fiery red eyes,
and I know my fate is sealed.
I must write another book.

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