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The Exquisite Room

written by: Nobby66



Slash mind restricting earthly bonds
Close eyes. Dream of veiled beyond.
Venture behind the lounge mirror she left…
There…a most exquisite room, sunlit, aired, devoid of gloom.
Mustard ham sarnies and fancies stack a doilied stand,
Rose embroidered linen serviettes to hand.
Proud spout steams brewed essence of Earl Grey
as her tender smile gleams a forever May-day.
China cups beg Mother to pour the golden nectar she adores.
Come sit my lovely, I’m always here
to warm the heart, allay your fears.
Delft blue windmills spin at the sights
on fondant perfectioned plates of delight.
Pansies pose, and Peacocks await spilt crumbs
of Angel slices, scones, jammed and creamed,
baked in the memory-kitchen supreme.
Stroked dishevelment disappeared,
Gnarled fingers smoothed, steady your quiver-hands.
Pained grey orbs, again deep umber,
touched by knowing…soul-peer through
and stoke fractious heart.
She hears, speaks, balms without words.
Gifts of healing respite from this life of swords…
for you…
my child that will always be.
Remember our time on this gorgeous day
I am only ever a blink away.



Write poems of all genres, particularly narrative writes about people, life events and the world we live in. Haikus and Tankas when I can. Like short stories too, a little drama and monologue works also in my stuff.
Reside in the Dark Kingdom of Lancashire, England.

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