I've Been There, written by Hayley Burwood at Spillwords.com

I’ve Been There

I’ve Been There

written by: Hayley Burwood



I’ve been a victim of abuse
I’ve been tormented and used
I’ve been tied up and raped
I’ve been hurt inside of hate

But I’m proud to say I’ve left it behind
Where I am now I can say I’ve shined
Where I am now is more positive
Where I am now I look where I lived

In a house of sorrow and cold hearts
In a house where my life fell apart
A better person for what I’ve been through
I take it in and love what I do

By reaching out to others like me
Showing and guiding them what I see
I love to help in a way no one could
By sharing my story as I should

Spread the love so everybody knows
Don’t live in fear of the unknown
There will be a light that makes you strong
There will be a place where you will belong

No more will I suffer in silence or alone
No need to worry ill carry you home
I’ll shout out loud leave me be
Can other people now hear me

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