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My Hidden Beauty

My Hidden Beauty

written by: Walid Boureghda


There’s some magic in the air,
Willing to take me somewhere.

The stalks with briars mossed the road;
The rose with balms is overflowed.

I can feel the sun of fears,
Leaving me all drowned in tears.

Yet your selfless love and fire
Have renewed me with desire.

You’ve indulged me with sex drive,
And just made me feel alive.

The magic of your two eyes,
Whence the truth thereupon lies,

Sets my whole body and soul
On fire without control.

The rose upon a thorny bud
Is always the blood of my blood;

The smile she traced upon her face
Is her distinguished loving grace.

She is the lady of my heart,
Whence magic seems a work of art.

Now the magic lies in the skies,
Where the stars kiss the butterflies.

Beauty is hidden in our hearts and minds;
We should just free ourselves from lies and binds.

Walid Boureghda

Walid Boureghda

Walid Boureghda is a 41-year-old Algerian poet, working as an Administrative Executive at Sonatrach-ENI Group. He holds a B.A degree in the English Language and Literature from the University of BATNA in Algeria. He draws inspiration for his poetry from his unceasing love of his beloved wife. He also writes about spreading peace over the world and dispelling hatred and bigotry.
Walid Boureghda

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